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Kingdom Mental Health

First Responder's Training PROGRAM:

This program is designed to provide understanding of signs and symptoms of various mental health diagnose and to educate on practical tools to respond effectively to individuals in distress. The Course will evaluate clinical symptoms and their physical, spiritual connection.  Students will learn the essentials of mental health and its alignment with Biblical truth.

Course outline:

  • Religious Stigma and Societal stigma of mental illness

  • Biblical understanding of mental illness

  • Signs and symptoms of mental illness in the Bible

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences

  • Trauma

  • Generational Covenants and Family system

  • Sign and symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Psychosis

  • Healthy Coping skills and Emotional Wellness

  • Practical tools/ approach to help individual in crisis

  • Natural Resource and Spiritual Resource

Students who complete the course will receive a certificate of training. A special graduation will follow certification completion. 

Accelerated Discipleship/Leadership Certificate Program:

It is time we lead and serve in wholeness, do greater works, minister with boldness and authority, and grow deeper spiritually. For this reason, we are excited to announce a 5-month Accelerated Discipleship & Leadership Certificate Program.


This certificate program is designed with eternity in mind. At Eden Christian University, we are committed to the making and preparing of disciples with balance and distinction, ready for the Lord’s coming. God wants disciples that are full of oil, primed and all set to be His hands, His feet, and willing to do His biddings. We are living in unprecedented times, which demands greater focus, accountability and commitment. The courses outlined in this program is designed to simplify the gospel in a way that enables students to walk unashamedly in power and authority, while accomplishing their God-given assignment.


Potential students are:

  • Laymen (everyone)

  • Ministers

  • Those called to ministry


Students will get:

  • 5 months of Intensive, Life-altering Courses

  • Individual Counseling

  • Certificate of Completion / Ordination

How to know if this program is for you:

  • Are you yearning to grow spiritually?

  • Do you have a strong desire to do great works?

  • Do you aspire to lead and serve holistically?


If your answer is “Yes” to any or all of these questions, then this course is for you.




  1. True Identity in Christ


Understanding and functioning in our true identity is the foundational pillar and platform  for everyone to arise and experience the benefits of the finished work of Christ on the cross. In this True Identity course, students will learn their origin and begin to operate as citizens of the Kingdom without reservation. 



   2. Understanding Prayer


Prayer remains a topic that is vast in knowledge and revelation. Students will learn to develop a consistent personal prayer life, learn different kinds of prayer, and the importance of praying in the Spirit. 

   3. Hearing the Voice of God


Your ability to see is as vital as your capacity to hear. Students will learn how to recognize God’s voice; different ways He speaks; and techniques to fine-tune their ears to hear what He is saying.



   4. Integrity and Righteousness


A transformed life is the fruit of a transformed heart and mind. In this course, students will learn how to live a life of distinction, and to practically carry the fragrance of Christ at all times.

   5. Healing the Wounded Soul


The prosperity of our soul is not an option when it comes to living a victorious life. Students will learn how to identify a wound in their soul; how to heal the wound; and ways to minister and bring healing to those whose souls are wounded.



   6. Kingdom Wealth


The Kingdom of God is fully furnished with everything we need—including wealth. Students will learn the mystery of obtaining wealth God’s way; gain knowledge of God’s expectation of us regarding finances; and explore practical steps to manage our personal financial affairs.


   7. Understanding Purpose


We will identify all the myths surrounding “purpose”. This class teaches the mystery of being and becoming. We will teach each student how to know their unique purpose; and equip them with the necessary information to perceive and grasp the responsibility to finish their God-given assignment.



   8. Conflict Resolution


Conflict resolution is an essential skill needed for leaders in particular, but also everyone in general. Living at peace with others, as the scripture outlines, is a command. Students will learn how to manage their emotions in conflict, and master problem-solving skills to help strengthen their relationship with others and with themselves.

   9. The Supernatural Life


This course will teach the various dimensions of the supernatural. Students will learn the simplicity of living a supernatural life through the working knowledge of the Word of God in their lives, business, and ministry. 

   10. The Holy Spirit 


In this course, students will learn the person of the Holy Spirit, how to flow with the Holy Spirit, and what attracts the Holy Spirit. Students will participate in practical exercises to help illustrate the effect and impact of the Holy Spirit.

Anger Management Program:

This course focuses on the dimensional effects of anger on the spirit, the soul and the body. In addition , this course helps Christians to understand the strategy of Satan to attack their Heart. The Christian heart is to be sacred for worship and servant hood, however, when the emotion of anger is not managed, then the heart is negatively impacted. Thus, learning effective and healthy ways to deal with anger can save one's life-physically and spiritually. 

A Supportive Hug
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